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6100 Greenland Road – Suite 604, Jacksonville, Florida, USA 32258

Roth Law Firm can handle appeals for individual and corporate clients in virtually any area of law. This includes:

• Commercial and corporate matters, such as those involving breach of contract, partnership disputes (what we lovingly call corporate divorces), employment questions, or land disputes like encroachment, trespass, land use, liens, construction defects, or title defects. Appellate issues can involve the jury instructions, admissibility of evidence, decisions made during discovery, the sufficiency of pleadings, attorneys fees, amount of damages, the interpretation of the governing statute or common law, or the admissibility of evidence, among many others.

• Criminal law cases with appellate issues that may comprise sentencing, the reasonableness of a search or seizure, probable cause for arrest or detention, incorrect jury instruction, exclusion of favorable evidence, ineffective assistance of trial counsel, and many more.

• Family law cases that may involve issues on appeal that have to do with child support, alimony, custody, moves out of states, modifications, paternity, adoptions, abandonment, visitation, among others.

• Disputed probates leave issues for an appeal can range from lost or damaged wills to undue influence, the validity of gifts prior to death, fraud, failure to follow proper procedures, lack of mental capacity, for example

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