Best Business Broker- St. Augustine, FL

 "Know What The Locals Know"

“Know What The Locals Know”

Best Business Broker – Saint Augustine and St. Johns County, FL

Looking for the best business broker in St. Augustine or surrounding areas of North Florida? Look no further than Tracey Burke with Capstone Business Brokers LLC. Capstone Business Brokers LLC has offices in Saint Augustine and Jacksonville, FL.

Tracey is a Certified Business Intermediary. Tracey Burke resides in St. Augustine Florida and has deep family roots here. She has 15 years experience selling businesses. Tracey worked in the New England area for years before coming back to Saint Augustine. She worked for the largest M&A advisory firm in Boston. She has sold hundreds of businesses over the years and has done deals on the M&A side up to 50MM. She sells businesses like nobody’s business!

Why we recommend her:

*She offers a complimentary no obligation consultation to determine the value of your business.

*Success fee based! This means no upfront fees or retainer. She gets paid when the business is sold.

*If your business is not a fit for her company to sell, she will still take the time to help you and refer you to a more appropriate broker who can and will sell it. She has great relationships with other brokers in the area and will be honest in a recommendation for you.

* Complete confidentiality! Your own mother won’t know your business is for sale.

*Extensive referral network of attorneys, CPA’s and commercial bankers in the North Florida area.

* Experienced in exit strategies – If your business is not ready to sell today she will assist you in an exit plan

*Member of the BBF and M&A Source and IBBA

*Business valuation services for sales, divorce, partnerships or estate planning.

Capstone Business Brokers LLC sells a wide variety of businesses. Anything from medical practices, HVAC, veterinary practices, landscaping, manufacturing, technology, transportation, staffing, senior care, service businesses and much more. Like we said, if she doesn’t sell your type of business she will recommend the best in your field.

Tracey also works with buyers. So if you are looking to buy a profitable business to or to expand your existing business  she can help you with that too. She also specializes in relocation services. If you are hoping to move to the area, Tracey will help you find a business with the ROI you are looking for and introduce you to everyone you need to make the purchase and your relocation successful.

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