What is Reiki- Experience It in St Augustine FL

I was introduced to Reiki  years back when I was having neck issues from hours of daily driving and a lot of stress. I have always carried my stress in my neck and shoulders and my chiropractor was at his wits end with trying to help me. He suggested I try Reiki and so I did. I tried it on a regular basis and it opened up a whole new world for me in learning how to care for myself. Since then, I not only use it when I am in pain, I use it when I feel stuck or overwhelmed or when I  am having trouble letting go of something.

If you really want to learn more of the technical stuff about Reiki you can check out my Reiki practitioner’s blog post about it.  I can only tell you what it means to me.

I recently had a Reiki session with Jennifer Jacobsen at City Wellness.

I have never been one to make New Year’s resolutions, I tend to change with the seasons. It was the first day of Fall and I had been feeling stuck lately. I didn’t seem to have the energy to start all of the new and exciting things I had planned for my future. I had the excitement but the physical energy just wasn’t there. I felt a Reiki session would be the perfect way to get me unstuck.

Jennifer is a natural born healer and an excellent massage therapist who has helped me so many times with aches and pains. I trusted her entirely with Reiki.

To me, Reiki is the transfer of energy, a healing energy. I could feel the heat and energy pouring through her hands into my body from a source much larger than us both. In the beginning of my session I could not believe the amount of heat I was feeling. Jennifer later explained that I had been so depleted of energy my body was just absorbing everything it could get to restore itself. I could also feel energy and warmth in areas of old injury or places I was experiencing pain. I also was in such a deep state of relaxation that my mind had finally quieted down enough to just be. This is what I came for, this energy, this new beginning.

I got off the table that day with a happy, relaxed, recharged body. I felt light and joyful. I felt great! A few days later I noticed my aches and pains had faded away too. I left them behind on that table. I traded them for health.

I am so happy my old chiropractor introduced me to Reiki. It was a gift for me, something I truly needed.  I hope that through my writing, I can pass this knowledge to someone else who can benefit as I did.

People use Reiki for a lot of different reasons…. healing, pain management, relaxation, energy and emotional problems. Some hospitals around the country, and in the state of Florida, are offering  it for pain management for cancer patients.

I think it’s a gift, to give yourself or someone who is struggling with something. It will come in and out of your life through the years like a dear old friend, showing up in your life at just the right time.


If you are curious about a Reiki session or if you want to become a Reiki practitioner  give Jennifer a call at City Wellness.



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