Restaurants Open on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day in St Augustine, FL



Here is a complete list of Restaurants open on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve in Saint Augustine, Florida.

We hope you have a  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Restaurant Location Phone Menu Type Christmas Hours Reservations
95 Cordova Inside   Casa Monica Hotel 810-6810 Christmas   eve 4 course prefix menu. Christmas day grand buffet. New years eve a 4   course & 5 course meal. 5:00pm-10:00pm   Christmas eve. 10:30am-8:00pm Christmas day Strongly   Suggested  Credit Card Needed to Hold   Reservation
A1A Ale Works 1   King St. 829.2977 Regular   Menu Closed Walk   Ins
Acapulco Mexican Restaurant Downtown 12   Avenida Menendez 808.8933 Closed
Cafe Alcazar 25   Granada St. 825.9948 Christmas   Eve 11:00am-3:00pm Christmas Day CLOSED Strongly   Suggested
Amici Italian Restaurant 1915   A1A South 461.0102 Regular   Menu Christmas   Eve 11:30-9:30. Closed Christmas Day Strongly   Suggested
Ann O’Malleys Irish Pub 23   Orange St. 825.4040 C.E.   Open                                      C.D. Open Walk   Ins
Athena Greek Restaurant 14   Cathedral Pl 823.9076 Regular   Menu / Limited Holiday menu as well. 7a.m.-10p.m.   C. E.                          7a.m.-10p.m. C.D. Walk   Ins
Vernon’s 619   Ocean View 285.7777 Holiday   Dinner
Aunt Kate’s 612   Euclid Ave 829.1105 Regular   Menu 11:00a.m.   – 9:30p.m. C.E.          11:00a.m. –   9:30p.m. C.D. Walk   Ins
Aviles Restaurant & Lounge Inside   Hilton Historic Bayfront 829-2277     (press 3 for restaurant) Christmas   Eve and Christmas Day both will be a buffet.    New Years Eve Regular Menu. 7:30   a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Strongly   Suggested
Barnacle Bill’s 14   Castillo Dr 824-3663 Regular   Menu Closed Walk   Ins
Back Yard Island Cafe 20   Avenida Menendez 810.1923 Regular   Menu Christmas   Eve open Christmas Day Closed Strongly   Suggested
Beachcomber 2   A Street 471.3744 Regular   Menu 7a.m.-   5p.m. C. E.                          Closed C.D. Walk   Ins
Beach’s On Vilano 254   Vilano Rd 829.0589 Regular   Menu Christmas   Eve 11:00am-9:00pm Christmas Day CLOSED Walk   Ins 10 or more reservation Strongly Suggested
Bistro De Leon 12   Cathedral Place 810-2100 Please   call 5:00   p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Christmas Eve, 10:00 a.m. -10:00  p.m. Christmas Day Strongly   Suggested
Blackfly 108   Anastasia Blvd 201.6300 C.E.5pm-9pm  C.D. Closed Walk   Ins
Black Molly 504   W. Geoffrey St. 547.2723 Regular   Menu for Christmas eve New Years regular menu and Specials. 11:00a.m.   – 9:00p.m. C.E.          Closed C.D. Call   Ahead seating
Borillo’s Pizza and Subs 88   San Marco 829.1133 Menu   Type 11am   to 3:00 pm Christmas Eve. Closed Christmas Day walk   Ins
British Pub 213   Anastasia Blvd 810.5111
Cafe Atlantico 647   A1A Beach Blvd 471.7332 Regular   Menu C.E. N.Y.E. 5 course prefix menu. 4:00   to 9:00 Christmas Eve.  Closed   Christmas Day Reservations
Cafe Cordova 95   Cordova 827.1888 Open   everyday same time. 6a.m.   – 10p.m. Walk   Ins
Cafe Del Hidalgo 35   Hypolita St 823.1196 Regular   Menu Closed   C.D.  C.E. 10am-10pm. Walk   Ins
Cafe 11 501   A1A Beach Blvd 460.9311 Closed
Vernon’s 619   Ocean View 285.7777 Regular   Menu C.E. and C.D. Buffet 5pm   to 10pm Reservation   Strongly suggested
Cap’s on the Water 4325   Myrtle St. (Vilano Beach) 824.8794 Regular   Menu Closed Walk   Ins
Carmelo’s Marketplace 146   King St. 429.0046
Casa Maria 1001   A1A Beach Blvd 342.0532 Regular   Menu Closed Walk   Ins
Casa Maya 22   Hypolita St. 217.3039 Closed
Catch 27 17   Hypolita St. 217.8190
Cellar 6 6Aviles   St. 827.9055 Regular   Menu 5:00   p.m. – 2:00 a.m. Christmas Eve, Closed Christmas Day Walk   Ins
Champions Grille King   & Bear World Golf Village 940.6200 Regular   Menu Only open for club members. 7:00a.m.   – 12:00p.m. C.E.            Closed C.D. Walk   Ins
City Coffee Company 1280-A   Ponce De Leon Blvd N. 209.6810 Closed Walk   Ins
Collage Restaurant 60   Hypolita Street 829.0055 Regular   Menu C.E.   5pm-10:15  C.D. Closed Reservations   they are almost filled up for C.D and NYE.
Columbia Restaurant 98   St. George St 824-3341 Christmas   day 5 course set menu. CE All Day Long Pork or Vrginia Ham 11:00   a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Reservations
Conch House Restaurant 57   Comares Avenue 829-8646 Regular   Menu 11:00   a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Christmas Eve. Closed Christmas Day Reservations   a must including the lounge.
Creekside Dinery 160   Nix Boatyard Rd 829.6113 Regular   Menu C.E.   Closed C.D. Closed First   come First Serve
Crucial Coffee 26   Charlotte St. 810.2080 7a.m.-10p.m.   C. E.                   7a.m.-10p.m. Walk   Ins
Cruisers Grill 3   St. George St. 824.6993 11am   to 4:00 pm Christmas Eve. Closed Christmas Day. Walk   Ins
De Noel French Pastry Shop 212   Charlotte St. 829.3974 Closed
Donovan’s Irish Pub 7440   US 1 N 829.0000 Menu   Type 11:00a.m.   – 2:00a.m. C.E.          Closed C.D. Walk   Ins
Fairway Cafe Adjacent   to the World Golf Hall Of Fame 940.4050 Closed
Flavors Eatery 125   King St. Suite C 824.4221 Closed Walk   Ins
Florida Cracker Cafe 81   St. George St 829.0397 11:00a.m.-   5:00p.m. C.E.           Closed C.D. walk   Ins
Fly By Cafe St.   Augustine Airport 824.3494 Closed
Fusion Point 237   San Marco Ave 823.1444 Regular   Menu Closed walk   Ins
Gas Full Service Restaurant 9   Anastasia Blvd 217.0326 Fancy   specials and regular menu items on New Years eve. Closed walk   Ins
Gaufre’s Goods 9   Aviles St. 829.5770 Closed
Georgies Diner 100   Malaga St 819.9006 Menu   Items C.E.   Open                                      C.D. Closed walk   Ins
Giggling Gator 121   King St 824.0444 10:00a.m.-2:00a.m.   C.E. walk   Ins
Gourmet Hut 17   Cuna St 824.7477
Gypsy Cab 828   Anastasia Blvd 824-8244 Regular   Menu Lunch   11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Dinner 4:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Christmas Eve. Closed   Christmas Day Call   Ahead Seating is available
Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille 46   Avenida Menendez 824.7765 Regular   Menu  C.E. Closed            C.D.  Closed walk   Ins
Haszard’s Open Pit 5633   A1A South 461.4201 Regular   Menu  C.E. 11:30am-8pm  C.D. Closed Walk   Ins
Honey Baked Ham & Cafe 272   S.R. 312 810.0995 C.E.   Open 8:00am-5pm  C.D. Closed Walk   Ins
Hot Shot Bakery 8   Granada St. 824.7898 C.E.   Closed  C.D. Closed walk   Ins
Hurricane Pattys at Oyster Creek 69   Lewis Blvd 827.1822 Closed
IHOP Restaurant 2560   S.R. 16 829.2215 Regular   Menu 6:00   a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Christmas Eve, 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Christmas Day Walk   Ins
JJ’s Liberty Bistro 330   A1A N 273.7980 C.E.   9am- 9:30pm  C.D. Closed Reservations   a must filling up as we speak.
J.P. Henley’s 10   Marine St. 829.3337 Regular   Menu C.E.   11am-12am  C.D. 5 to if it is busy or   not. Walk   Ins
King Fish Grill 252   Yacht Club Drive 824.2111 Closed Call   Ahead seating unless 8 or more dinning.
King’s Head British Pub 6460   U.S.1.N. 823.9787 Closed
La Cocina 3290   U.S.1 South 794.1610 Closed
La Herencia 4   Aviles St. 829.9487 Regular   Menu 4:30p.m.-9;30p.m.   C.E.               Closed C.D. Walk   Ins
La Pentola 58   Charlotte St 824.3282 Special   Menu never shuts down. C.E.11am-3pm,   5pm-10pm  C.D. 12pm- 8pm Reservations
Le Pavilion 45   San Marco Avenue 824-6202 Regular   Menu / Special Menu as well. C.E.   5pm-8pm  C.D. 3p.m.-8p.m. Reservations
Legends Grille World   Golf Village 940.6162
Local Heroes 11   Spanish St. 825.0060 Closed Walk   Ins
LuLu’s Waterfront Grille 301   N Roscoe Blvd 285.0139 Regular   Menu 11:00a.m.-4:00p.m.   C.E.            Closed C.D. Reservations   for parties 6 or more.
Manatee Cafe 525   SR 16 826.0210 Regular   Menu 8:00a.m.-4:00p.m.   C.E.              Closed C.D. Walk   Ins
Mango Mango’s 700   A1A Beach Blvd 461.1077 Regular   Menu 11:00a.m.-6:00p.m.   C.E.            Closed C.D. Walk   Ins
Meehans on Matanzas 20   Avenida Menendez 810.1923 Regular   Menu / Holiday menus as well. Christmas   Eve 11:00am-12:00am Christmas Day Closed Reservations
Mi Casa Cafe 69   St. George St. 824.9317
Mikato Japenese Steakhouse 1029   Ponce De Leon US 1 South 824.7064 Regular   Menu 4:30p.m.   – 9:30p.m.  C.E.           Closed  C.D. Walk   Ins
Milltop Tavern 19   1/2 St. George St. 829.2329 11a.m.   – 2 a.m. Walk   Ins
Mojo’s BBQ 5   Cordova St 342.5264 Regular   Menu C.E.   11am-8p.m.  C.D. Closed Walk   Ins
Murray Brothers Caddyshack World   Golf Village 940.3673 Regular   Menu 11:30a.m.-5:00p.m.   C.E.            Closed C.D. Walk   Ins
New Century Buffet 2185   U.S. 1 South 797.9918 Buffet 11a.m.   – 10p.m. Walk   Ins
Nineteen 110   Championship Way 273.3238 Limited   menu. 7a.m.-9p.m.   C. E.                          7a.m.-3p.m. C.D. Walk   Ins
O.C. Whites Seafood & Spirits 118   Avenida Menendez 824.0808 Regular   Menu Closed Walk   Ins
Old City House Inn & Restaurant 115   Cordova Street 826-0184 Regular   Menu C.E.  C.D. & NYE Preset menus 5:00   p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Christmas Eve, 2:00 p.m. -5:00  p.m. Christmas Day Reservations
O’steens 205   Anastasia A1A South 829.6974 Closed
Outback Crab Shack 8155   CR 13 N 522.0500 Closed
Panama Hattie’s Lounge And Restaurant 361   A1A Beach Blvd 471.2192 Closed
Pizza Time Restaurant 124   St. George St. 819.0133 Regular   Menu 10:30a.m.-8:00p.m.   C.E.            Closed C.D. Walk   Ins
Pizzalley’s Chianti Room 60   Charlotte St. 825.4100 Regular   Menu C.E.   11:30am- 9pm or 11pm C.D. Closed Walk   Ins
Playa Chac-Mool 1105   D St. 471.1131 Closed
Present Moment Cafe 224   W. King St. 827.4499 C.E.   10Am – 3pm C.D. Closed Walk   Ins
Pusser’s Caribean Grille 816   A1A North #100 280.7766 Regular   Menu C.E. From 11-5.  C.D. Closed.  N.Y.E. A prefixed menu from 5 to close. 11:00a.m.-5:00p.m.   C.E.            Closed C.D. Reservations   a must on N.Y.E.  C.E.
Raintree 102   San Marco Avenue 824-7211 Special   Menu C.E.             N.Y.E. 4:30p.m.   $35- a head and 5p.m. $55-. 4:30   p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Christmas Eve. Closed Christmas Day Reservations
Restaurant Medures 818   A1A N Ponte Vedra 543.3797 C.E.   Open 5pm-10pm C.D. Closed N.Y.E 5-12 Restaurant   5-11pm  Lounge 5-12am. Reservations   a must with a credit card on file.    Must give 72hr cancellation.
Rhett’s 66   Hypolita St 825.0502 Regular   Menu C.E.   5Pm to closed C.D. Closed Reservations   for NYE.
Ruth’s Chris Steak House 814   N A1A Hwy 285.0014 Regular   Menu alcarte.       2 or 3 fixed price   meals. 4p.m.   – 9p.m. C.E.                         4p.m. – 9p.m. C.D. Reservations
Saltwater Cowboys 299   Dondanville Rd. 471.2332 Regular   Menu C.E.   Closed  C.D. Closed First   Come First Serve.
Sangrias Tapas & Piano Bar 35   Hypolita St 827.1947 C.E.   12pm-11pm C.D. 12pm-11pm Walk   Ins
The Mermaid Cafe 100   St. George St. 810.58 Regular   Menu C.E.   8am- 3pm  C.D. Closed Walk   Ins
Scarlett O’Haras 70   Hypolita St 824.6535 C.E.   8am-3pm  C.D. Closed Walk   Ins
Schmagel’s Bagels 69   Hypolita 824.4444 Regular   Menu Closed   Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Walk   Ins
Schooners Seafood House 3560   N Ponce De Leon Blvd 826.0233 Regular   Menu Closed   C.E.                                   Closed C.D. Walk   Ins
South A Philly 1   King St. 824.0666 Closed
South Beach Grill 45   Cubbedge Rd 471.87 Regular   Menu Closed Walk   Ins
Table 1 330   A1A N 280.5515 Regular   Menu C.E.   11am-8 or 9pm C.D. Closed Walk   Ins Reservations for Christmas Eve.
The Ice Plant 110   Riberia St 829.6553 Closed
Villagio Italian Grille 500   South World Golf Renassaince 940.8623 Regular   Menu no Christmas buffet Reg   hours for both days. Reservation   Only
The Bunnery 121   St George St. 829.6166 Closed   both days. Walk   Ins
The Prince of Wales 54   Cuna St 810.5725 Regular   Menu C.E.   11:30am-9pm C.D. Closed Walk   Ins or Reservations for the dinner.
The Reef Restaurant 4100   Coastal HWY – A1A North 824-8008 Regular   Menu as well as prefixed 11:00a.m.-9:00p.m.   C.E.             Closed C.D. Reservations
The Taco Shop 114   St, George St. 823.1229 Closed
The Tasting Room 25   Cuna St 810.2400 Regular   Menu C.E. N.Y.E. 6 course meal and Buffet with Champagne and dessert 3:00p.m.-5:00p.m.-10:00p.m.   C.E. Closed C.D. Reservation
Zaharia’s 3945   A1A South 471.4799 Holiday   menu for C.D. Reg Menu for NYE, and NYD C.E.   Closed C.D. 11am-9pm Walk   Ins

One response to “Restaurants Open on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day in St Augustine, FL”

  1. We will be open on Christmas Day from 12:00pm to 8:00pm. We hope to see you!
    Here is our Christmas Menu! For more info, visit our website.
    **Merry Christmas**
    Escargot~ sautéed snails with mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes
    And Poblano peppers in garlic butter and fresh herbs
    Served with crostini
    Fresh steam asparagus topped with sautéed green olives,
    Serrano ham, mushrooms, diced tomatoes and feta cheese
    Sautéed shrimp cakes with remoulade sauce
    Cream of Lemon Grass with shrimp and fresh basil
    French Onion
    Turkey~ Traditional roasted turkey with all the trimmings………………………………………$18.95
    Catch~ Sautéed filet of yellow tail snapper with island mojito
    (A light tomato sauce with green olives, capers, cubanel peppers, cilantro and red onions)…………..$28.95
    Salmon~ Grilled filet of salmon with sautéed crawfish touched with lemon beurre blanc sauce
    And kalamata sundried tomato tapenade………………………………………………………$23.95
    Cassoulet~ a duck confit and haricot beans stew with braised lamb shoulder and smoked sausages….$31.95
    Scallops~ Pan seared diver scallops topped with bacon jam and kumquats,
    Served with chestnuts and butter nut squash risotto…………………………………………….$29.95
    Kurobuta pork ossobuco~ Braised in a tomato red wine sauce, served with garlic mashed potatoes…$25.95
    Pasta~ Portobello mushrooms & asparagus raviolis with ricotta cheese in tomato sherry cream sauce
    With crab lump, sweet peas, roasted peppers and artichokes……………………………………..$25.95
    Chateaubriand~ slow roasted beef tenderloin sliced and touched with Béarnaise & Bordelaise sauces
    Served over garlic mashed potatoes…………………………………………………………….$31.95
    Seafood~ Sautéed filet of calamari topped with shrimp, sea scallops and mussels
    In lemon garlic and capers sauce with fresh herbs……………………………………………….$28.95
    Cornish Hen~ Pan roasted ant finished with cranberry ginger preserves…………………………..$19.95
    Pasta Jambalaya~ Sautéed sliced chicken breast, shrimp and Andouille sausages with mushrooms,
    And green peppers in a medium spicy Cajun tomato cream sauce tossed w/fettuccini pasta…………$.26.95
    Chicken~ sautéed chicken breast with roasted grapes and tarragon white wine cream sauce
    Minced prosciutto and red peppers……………………………………………………………..$18.95

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