Pho Real Asian Fusion Restaurant in St Augustine FL – Menu & Review

1239983_10202852404324087_894533303_nPHO REAL HAS CLOSED THEIR DOORS.


Pho Real Asian Fusion Restaurant has just opened its doors in Davis Shores!  Pho Real is a casual, fun, food focused pub serving up a variety of Asian small plates and Sushi.


We haven’t tried the food yet but if you have, please leave us a comment and let us know what you think. We will update you with food reviews soon.

This new restaurant at the southern foot of the Bridge of Lions is based on the Japanese concept of Izakaya  style dining.  It has a very casual Asian pub style feel to it. The walls and décor are red & black and the table settings have an Asian simplicity to them.

Pho Real is offering an upbeat spot to enjoy  Sushi, Mixed Asian Small Plates, Pho, Beer and Sake.  They are open daily from 1 PM to 1 AM.  After 10 PM they offer a Sushi happy hour, a select menu of sushi for five dollars. they serve up $2.00 rolling rocks and $4.00  hot sake all day long.

Mixed Asian Small Plates10383659_10202786703643144_9023671730177817543_n

Pork Bao is a Chinese Plate -$6

2 soft pork buns with egg and sweet onion, served with a garlic chili sauce.

Ika Salad is a Japanese Plate -$6

Spicy Squid salad on a bed of Seaweed.

Pho Real Kimchi is a Korean Plate -$5

Sum Tum is a Thai Plate -$5

Green Papaya salad


Pho Real Beef – $9

Beef Pho, Brisket, Thai Basil, Bean Sprouts, Lime

Pho Real Veg -$7

Bean based Pho, cilantro,  carrot,  shitake


They have a large assortment of sushi, ranging from $9-$12


Hot Sake- $4 – $6

Beer -$2 -$4

Sake Libations-  $6


Pho Real is owned and operated by Jeanetta Salyer and Joel Stuart Strout.

Bella Salyer Wearing her Chinese Dress.

Bella Salyer Wearing her Chinese Dress.


They are located at 113 Anastasia Blvd, St Augustine, FL 32080

They are in the old Raw Martini Bar building.

(904) 325-5660








19 responses to “Pho Real Asian Fusion Restaurant in St Augustine FL – Menu & Review”

  1. Kate Mitchell says:

    Phō Real is a refreshing new addition to the Old City! Delightful and delicious is the best way I can describe my experience.. Freshest sushi ever and everything I tasted was delectable!
    I have been back twice already, and am really excited to hear they will have a late-night sushi menu and entertainment!
    Owners are first class and the service is great!
    Thank you, Phō Real! St. Augustine has been WAITING for you!!!!

  2. Lu says:

    Two words:



  3. Christopher Stout says:

    The food is just average. They have a few kinks to work out.

  4. Christopher Stout has not been in Florida much less my restaurant since we’ve opened and denies any further allegations thank you

  5. Christopher Stout says:

    Oh wow!!! Somebody did a real good job of punking the Stout boys real hard…

    THIS is the REAL Christopher Stout and Joël Stout is my kid brother. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE cooks as good or puts as much heart and energy into his food as Joël.

    Ya’ll should go.

  6. Lisa Gervin says:

    The sushi in particular is incredible. I can’t wait to go back! Chef Joël’s creations are an exquisite delight not to be missed!!

  7. Avid Pho Lover says:

    As a person who consumes Vietnamese food, Pho specifically, my family was very disappointed. My sons who usually devour the noodle soup at other establishments, took only a few bites if their meals. The broth was not flavorful like you expect from Pho dishes. We rate it a 4 of of 10. Probably won’t be back unless food improves dramatically.

  8. L says:

    My wife and I went and really enjoyed out meals. However, I must say we were shocked by how small the ‘small plate’ was. I’ve had small plate elsewhere and they were a bit bigger. The pho veg was a great size and tasted quite good. We will return. My only complaint are the chairs. We saw that there were at least two types of chairs and we sat at a table with folding chairs. They were very uncomfortable and too low for a table of that height. I left with a backache. Looking forward to future visits.

  9. Bruce deeble says:

    Went in and got some takeout sushi, and I have to say it was the bomb. Highly recommended.

    The ingredients to the sushi were fresh and packed with great flavors and nice combination rolls. Well done Pho Real. A++

  10. David George says:

    for lunch i had the beef pho (with extra jalapeno) and a spicy tuna roll… perfect combo and made me smile. 🙂

  11. Amber Wilson says:

    pho awesome!!! i really enjoyed the food. everything was AMAZING! 🙂

  12. Ashley Gutierrez says:

    We are so glad this place has opened in Saint Augustine. Quality product, right price… Great staff. We will definitely be back with all our friends!

  13. walt says:

    The food was good, very tasty. The signature drinks were excellent and original! Prices were high for what we received–three people with one drink each and meal came to over $80 with tip. Table and chair layout was weird, you couldn’t put your legs under the table, and the other option was backless barstools. Overall we enjoyed it, but we would probably not go back.

  14. Jason sanders says:

    Food here was excellent and cheap glad to be paying for a good meal and not a 200$ chair and painting . Met with young first time owners glad to see a young couple raising the bar in the area.Pork bao’s kimchi and rare Brisket pho are dead sexy

  15. local eater says:

    placed to go order for PHO…..did not come with bean sprouts….but don’t you dare call them and ask about it, cause you will get into an argument…….too bad if you want good pho and good service, you STILL have to drive to Jacksonville

    • Pho Realest says:

      Hey Local Eater 🙂 you spoke with the same person twice so just to follow up with you once more, your order was placed and packed and responded to totally by the same person. Also, if you call back with expletives on the phone you will probably always be greeted less than cheerfully.
      We appreciate your feedback.

  16. DELYNDA PRATT says:

    Jeanetta and staff—

    Kevin, Bri and myself can’t say enough about the experience we had. The food was THE BEST we have ever had. Very fresh and yummy…. Look forward to our next visit…


  17. Lake worthy says:

    Fast and friendly service. Fresh standard selection of sushi–American menu favorites like spicy tuna. The pho had all the right ingredients but needs a few kinks worked out as another commenter noted–mainly broth temperature and noodle consistency. The staff was attentive and really willing to make the meal right, seemed to really listen to suggestions. Excellent portion sizes on the meals. The ambiance is pretty cool, outdoor or hip indoor set-up. I’d definitely return to eat here again, recommend to friends. This place adds to the good variety of St Augustine. Give it a try!

  18. So, we live in a quirky city called Saint Augustine. We love it that way because it’s different and entertaining. Why would we want everything to fit into a corporate status quo of “be safe” and ” everything’s the same”.My advice to all who are overlooking the obvious fact of amazing food is GET OVER IT. As a New Orleans native I have been cursed with a title of food snob. I expect good food from an establishment in which I am spending my money. Great service is a must. But amazing surroundings and forums from which to enjoy these goods are just plain lagniappe. My hat goes off to Pho Real! A true mom and pop shop serving great food and great service! The owners engaged me in playful conversation; admitting that the tables were too low and a couple of details were still in the works. ” We are still working some things out; I am doing this business with some friends and we are just gonna see where it takes us! It’s nice to hear something positive from customers who appreciate the food.” Says an owner. I am bringing in all my friends and telling everyone about this business in the hopes that others will appreciate it too. Definitely try it out!

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