LuLi’s- A Sweet Treat for Any Occasion

The very first time I had a LULI’S Cupcake  some precious client had brought in a half a dozen to the Salon while I was working . We had seven workers so someone wasn’t getting a cup cake and more than likely it was going to be me, since I was the new girl . BUT it was my lucky day, one of the girls had gone on a low carb diet the week before, so I did get to have my first Luli’s cup cake.   IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST BITE . The very size of the cup cake as I pulled it out of the Pepto pink box was impressive not to mention my first bite was right into the icing that knocked my sox off! I then bit into the cake and as I was chewing tiny morsels of chocolate were swirling in my mouth and I thought, they sure didn’t skimp one bit in making this product . My mouth was having a party

I couldn’t wait to take my son there… Ahh, the benefit of having children, you can bring them to the  cupcake store… YAY! I went back that weekend to buy the one I had earlier that week. I ordered the chocolate chip cupcake, they said they did not make a chocolate chip… I said I had one earlier this week  from here and they told me they made a chocolate banana one. They asked if  would I would like to try it . I didn’t think I tasted banana when I bit into the first one but when my lips touched the funky monkey, and I knew! The moment I tasted the chocolaty, flavorful , fluffy icing that, THAT WAS THE ONE! It was so hard to decide what flavors to choose they all look so good, so I picked up my first half dozen and brought it  home to share with my family. On my 45th birthday, I had three of my clients that share my Birthday meet me there and we started our LuLi’s birthday tradition!  We’ve been meeting there for the last three years YUMMY!!!!

Contributed by Joan Salisbury

“Know What the Locals Know”



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