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I have worked with a lot of florist in my years while doing the hair of brides.

My favorite is Becca Cady from Flower works. She has always been so innovative in her design and how she captures the brides every wish for her bouquet. Whenever I’m in the mood for an arrangement for the house or special engagement her creativity is always right on the mark. I’m always amazed at how she knows what colors I’m in the mood for, also her arrangements last a very long time. She has been in business since 1982. When I first moved into town in 1989 the big thing to do was go to one of her classes on how to make a wreath for your door or a swag for over your fire place. I was never good at arts and crafts but with her easy going, yet professional personality and the ability to teach people,  I created quite a few center pieces for the Holidays. I find her very easy to communicate with, even with the most intricate designs she help me pull off what I was thinking. She has really blossomed in this community as to being a leader in the wedding industry.

Prom season is here and we are always busy at the salon, some times the girls forget the Prom etiquette. All we have to do is put in a call to Flower Works ask her for a boutonniere, tell her the colors. More than likely they already have them made up. Last year I needed a camouflage boutonniere and wrist corsage believe it or not they had four made up. David the designer said there is always that one in the crowd. My mother moved to Jupiter last year  Flower Works is my go to when I need to send that last minute Mothers day or Anniversary gift. She also carries unique gifts such as candles, sconces, vases, bowls and other unique gifts. It’s always a pleasure visiting the shop to see what new inventory she has.

Contributed by, Joan Salisbury 

Flower Works 510 N  Ponce De Leon Blvd St. Augustine Florida 904-824-7806

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