Authentic French Food in Saint Augustine


[bis-troh; French bee-stroh]

1. a small, modest, European-style restaurant or café.

2. a small nightclub or restaurant.

Origin:-1920–25; < French bistro ( t ), orig. argot, first attested in the sense “proprietor of a tavern” (1884); of obscure origin.



Bistro de Leon is just that. My husband and I usually like to eat outdoors, but on a recent rainy Friday night we stopped in to Bistro de Leon for dinner.

The atmosphere is exactly like the dictionaries’ definition. It can be construed as a Parisian bistro, small and intimate, where you can get to know your neighbors, or some may think it’s too close for comfort. They have one table for two in a window overlooking the Plaza which I would say is the best seat in the house. My table was adjacent to the dessert case which gave me the feeling I was in a French bakery. This is not a fancy French restaurant by any means, but the food is delicious.

A great steak is hard to find here in St. Augustine. I have searched high and low. This particular night I decided to try their filet mignon. I couldn’t have made a better choice. This filet was the best I’ve had to date in St. Augustine. I had the au poivre vert. It was done with a mild green pepper cream sauce and served with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. I absolutely loved it. It was flavorful, tender and delicious. $27.95

My husband decided to try the Poulet au grattin. This creamy delicious dish is made with chicken, ham, cream, cheese and baked with penne pasta. It was fantastic, filling, rich and very French. $16.95

The service was wonderful that night, as was the homemade French bread and complimentary cucumber soup. I can stop searching for the perfect piece of steak now.

12 Cathedral Place, Saint Augustine.

“Know What The Locals Know”

(904) 810-2100

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