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Inshore Fishing Report and Advice for St Augustine, FL

 Winter Fishing Report – 2017

drum 1Well winter is upon us. For the next two months we have some great fishing. We will get cold fronts where the highs will be in the 40s or 50s once a week or so and that will start to drop our water temperature. The water temperature right now is in the low to mid 60s but that those fronts will drop it into the low to mid 50s which is great for our winter time fishing. That will kill all the micro organisms in the water so the water will start to clear up. The redfish will start to group into large schools sometimes with over 1000 fish in them trying to stay warm. The morning bite will be a little bit slow but as the sun warms the water by midday the fish will move up onto the flats and start feeding. This is a great time to do sight fishing in real shallow water watching the redfish actually eat your artificial bait or fly. This is the time year I really get to utilize my Eastcape Skiffs flats boat polling in water less than 1 foot of water.  Just remember with the style of fishing it is very important to have a good pair of polarized sunglasses. That will help you look through the water and see the fish swimming. My favorite pair which has a great lens are Smith optics. They have a lens which is called the Chroma Pop which really helps reduce the glare on the water.

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Early Spring Fishing Report & Information for St Augustine FL – March & April 2014




Early Spring Fishing Report

At the time of this writing it doesn’t feel like spring is starting. It is in the 50s and raining. Look for these cold fronts to taper off in the next month. The winds will usually continue for the month of March and April but it will begin to be a warmer wind.

This month will trigger the spawning of the sheephead and the black drum. Look for the most activity leading up to the full moon on the 16th of March and continuing through the new moon on the 30th. During this period is your best chance to get one of the big spawners. For the sheephead, look in areas within a mile or two around our local inlets. Fish around docks, rock piles or oyster outcrops. Use fiddler crabs for the smaller ones and a 1/4 of a  blue crab for the larger ones. This is also the best time to catch a big black drum which will range from 30 to 80 pounds. Fish in the deeper water from the mouth of the inlet and throughout the deeper holes in the ICW. Look for water over 20 feet deep. Use a 1/2 of fresh blue crab on a 4/0 circle hook attached to a Carolina rig. Use bigger tackle that can handle these big fish. I use 6000 series reels attached to 80-100 lb. class jigging rods. Take extra time to vent these fish and revive them. Their eating quality is poor for any of the fish over 20 pounds. Read More→