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The St Augustine Distillery Tour is a Fun Thing To Do in Saint Augustine FL

Looking for a great Tour? Check out the St. Augustine Distillery. If you’re riding the green or red trolleys, you will find it’s one of the stops on the tour. If not, they have plenty of free parking or you can walk from town.

The Distillery is in the old Ice Plant building on Riberia Street in Saint Augustine, Florida. They have painstakingly refurbished it into a real historic gem.


The tour is free and includes a tasting of their artisanal handcrafted spirits. At the time of our tour, they were only serving their cane  vodka (safe if you’re going gluten free). We had a taste straight up and in a mixed drink, The Florida Mule. Delicious!!  It was a combination of  Cane Vodka, ginger, lime juice and simple syrup. They serve those up everyday next door at the famous Ice Plant Bar in an authentic copper mule cup. Read about the Ice Plant here.


My tour guide was Diana Lee. She is a consummate professional in the industry and has a wealth of knowledge about St. Augustine. The tour starts off in the Museum where you can learn about  the distilling process along with the history of the old Ice Plant building. From there, you enter  the theater to view a movie featuring a behind the scenes look at the making of the product and  the “farm to spirits” approach. They really have focused on supporting local farmers and sustainable agriculture. Next up, you get to see the distillery itself and  the beautifully crafted copper stills and equipment. The day we visited you could smell the sweet aroma of the mash fermenting that will eventually become bourbon.

Now you are on to your tasting and a lesson in craft cocktail making the old fashion way. I loved the vodka and ended up buying 2 bottles from batch number one.

The Distillery also has a gift shop where they sell anything & everything for a well stocked bar. You can purchase their spirits here as well!



I think it’s a fun thing to do in St. Augustine. It’s not every day you can tour a distillery, taste some terrific handcrafted  vodka  and get a history lesson all in the same spot.

Go check it out.

Want to know more details  about the Distillery click here.

Tours hours are Monday – Saturday  from 10:00 – 6:00

Sunday -11:00 – 6:00

  • 112 Riberia Street
  • Saint Augustine, Florida 32084
Phone (904) 825-4962

The St Augustine Distillery Will Raise Your Spirits the Old Fashioned Way

When you drive by the old Ice Plant building on Riberia Street in Saint Augustine, Florida, one phrase comes to mind, “you’ve come a long way baby.”

Not only does it house The Ice Plant Bar, it is now the home of the St. Augustine Distillery Company. Inside this incredible building with its rich history, they are now crafting fabulous artisanal liquors.  It is the first craft distillery in Northeast Florida. Read More→

El Galeon and the Nao Victoria are Must Seas While visiting St Augustine FL – Tallships

As if Saint Augustine’s Bay front wasn’t beautiful enough, now these two magnificent  ships have sailed in and made it spectacular. This opportunity is as rare as two ships passing in the night. If you haven’t checked them out, you still have time to “SEAS” the day. Read More→

A Food Tour is a Great Way to Try Some of Saint Augustine’s Restaurants

St. Augustine Historic Walking Tours is one of the tour companies we recommend the most. They never cease to amaze  and they always surprise me by bringing me somewhere I have never been before. I recently went on their food tour and once again I was pleasantly surprised.

I absolutely loved this Tour!!!!

Why did I love it you ask?  Well, first of all, there’s the food.  Who doesn’t love food?  Next, there was my tour guide Mia. Mia is an extremely knowledgeable tour guide in St. Augustine, but what I love about her is that she can make anyone feel like you’ve known her forever. Read More→

Ripley’s Red Train is a Fun Way to See the Nights of Lights in St Augustine


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Ripley’s Red Trains Nights of Lights Tours

Get your tickets early! Click here to buy.

Looking to get into the holiday spirit? The Ripley’s Red Train is a great way to do just that. They offer tours every night of the week. We recently took the ride and had such a great time on board! The Red Train is a fantastic way to see St. Augustine’s Nights of Lights. The ride is complete with Christmas carols, a bit of history, candy canes and best of all your magic glasses! Read More→

A Biplane Ride is the Thing To Do in St Augustine

Captain Dave in the back and two passengers

So what does a ride in a open cockpit biplane feel like? Imagine driving down a scenic highway  strapped in a high end convertible sports car. Now imagine that car lifting off and ascending over the intracoastal waterway as you pass 1,000 feet in the air with the incredible view unfolding beneath you.

That is the closest comparison I have for the sensation of being in the cockpit of a 1935 Waco biplane.  Read More→

Enjoy a Scenic Boat Ride to Explore Fort Matanzas in St Augustine FL

Fort Matanzas was completed in 1742 by the Spanish to protect St. Augustine from an attack by their enemies, both England and pirates.  It fell to ruin in the 1820’s, was stabilized by the War Department in 1916 and 1924.  The National Park Service took it over and rebuilt it in 1935.  It is an under visited gem in the NPS system. Read More→

The Best Sightseeing Tour in Historic St Augustine for Day-Trippers

Sightseeing Tours St Augustine

The Shrine

The Locals’ Guide to Saint Augustine has an “ask a local” feature. We are always asked the question “what is the best tour to see the city?”  Sometimes people will be staying a few days, but often times they are only here for a day and don’t have a lot of time to spare.



If you are here for a day or two and want to see some of the more historic and beautiful landmarks of downtown,  I recommend  St. Augustine  Gold Tours. The tour is conducted on a small, quiet electric tour bus. To me it was more like a golf cart on steroids. The maximum amount of passengers is six. What I love about this tour is with only six people on board, you really get to interact with your tour guide. The small size of the bus allows the tour guide to take you down some of the most narrow historic picturesque streets in downtown. The tour lasts for roughly 90 minutes and is $25.00  per person. Read More→

Enjoy A Fun Pirate Pub Tour In St Augustine FL- Learn Pirate History While Sipping Sangria.

Ahoy Matie!   If you are looking for fun night out on the town being thoroughly entertained, look no further. St. Augustine Historic Walking Tours offers a pirate pub crawl that is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. The pirate pub crawl is roughly 2 1/2 hours long and rich with history.



On our arrival we were greeted by the beautiful redheaded Privateer Anne Bonny. She was to be our guide for the evening. She was dressed authentically, right down to her magnificent collection of pirate/privateer weaponry. We were greeted with a beer, after all, this is a pub crawl too. I knew right away this was going to be a great evening. Anne Bonny lives and breathes Pirates. There was no question she could not answer. Read More→

Relax and See the City from the Bay on a Delightful Boat Ride in St Augustine FL

One of my favorite things to do in St. Augustine, Florida is to hop aboard The Victory III Scenic Cruise Line. I love to go with my husband at sunset and take all of our friends and family as well. We have even celebrated my sister Christine’s birthday aboard eating LuLi’s Cupcakes.

The one hour and 15 minute tour Read More→

A Really Unique and Fun Ghost Tour in St Augustine FL

We have lots of friends and family that visit us in St. Augustine. We basically live  like tourists at least one week a month. We go on lots of tours, we visit lots of attractions and do a lot of eating and drinking when we have guests in town. We are always trying new things  to find the best experiences to share with our guests and because we love to have fun.

Next month, I have a friend coming in who likes ghost tours, so I wanted to try the “Spirits with Spirits” Paranormal Pub Crawl Tour.  St. Augustine Historic Walking Tours does this particular tour. Some of the ghost tours in St. Augustine can be a little hokey if you’re not into this type of thing, but this one looked different. Read More→