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Flower Works-Flowers for Every Occasion

I have worked with a lot of florist in my years while doing the hair of brides.

My favorite is Becca Cady from Flower works. She has always been so innovative in her design and how she captures the brides every wish for her bouquet. Whenever I’m in the mood for an arrangement for the house or special engagement her creativity is always right on the mark. I’m always amazed at how she knows what colors I’m in the mood for, also her arrangements last a very long time. She has been in business since 1982. When I first moved into town in 1989 the big thing to do was go to one of her classes on how to make a wreath for your door or a swag for over your fire place. I was never good at arts and crafts but with her easy going, yet professional personality and the ability to teach people,  I created quite a few center pieces for the Holidays. I find her very easy to communicate with, even with the most intricate designs she help me pull off what I was thinking. She has really blossomed in this community as to being a leader in the wedding industry.

Prom season is here and we are always busy at the salon, some times the girls forget the Prom etiquette. All we have to do is put in a call to Flower Works ask her for a boutonniere, tell her the colors. More than likely they already have them made up. Last year I needed a camouflage boutonniere and wrist corsage believe it or not they had four made up. David the designer said there is always that one in the crowd. My mother moved to Jupiter last year  Flower Works is my go to when I need to send that last minute Mothers day or Anniversary gift. She also carries unique gifts such as candles, sconces, vases, bowls and other unique gifts. It’s always a pleasure visiting the shop to see what new inventory she has.

Contributed by, Joan Salisbury 

Flower Works 510 N  Ponce De Leon Blvd St. Augustine Florida 904-824-7806

Jewelry Store in the Historic District

Thirteen years ago I had a jewelry artist remake a ring for me. I had met him getting a cup of coffee downtown his name is Rex, he has a store off of Cuna street. I had some gold jewelry from my travels through the years and decided I wanted to have Rex melt it down and  design me a cigar band type ring. I wanted it to be contemporary and yet nautical. He showed me the design and how he was going to place the stones in the setting. When he showed me the finished product I was thrilled. I was so pleased with the results I had him make several other rings.  Mine are one of a kinds but he can recreate anything. He reminds me of a cross between Einstein and Geppetto with a Jersey accent.  He is a character for sure, his shop is easy to get to and well worth the trip downtown. He carries a wide range of jewelry anything from Platinum, gold, white gold, sterling silver. You can find pearls of every kind and precious and semi-precious stones. I  love visiting him to see what he is working on and looking at all of his new inventory.

Contributed by, Joan Salisbury


Rex Jewelry 27 Cuna Street

Saint Augustine, Fl 32084

Grilling in Saint Augustine

When growing up in Florida cooking on the grill becomes natural for most people.  I would like to share with you a few of my favorite markets to get the best value for your dollar and enjoy some delicious fare along the way. First of all on Anastasia Island we have the Seafood Shoppe on A1A South, those folks are so knowledgeable, it’s always so nice to  shop there. Their fish is always fresh and reasonably priced .

I like to make fish taco’s a lot and they have an” everything tray” which is a variety of fish that they may have left over from the fish they filleted earlier that day.  It has nice chunks of fish ready to go  for about $7 or 8 dollars a pound that is right up my alley. I also like to make Wahoo steaks on the grill with Béarnaise sauce, it is so amazing. That’s a South Florida dish. I used to go out fishing with my Dad off Jupiter inlet, he always caught a Bonita first for good luck and then  the real fish would hook on afterwards…  never failed. When king-fish are running I always ask to see if they have any in and if they would steak them up for me, because its time to get the grill going. I like to grill salmon, in fact that’s the only way I’ll eat salmon is on the grill with just a hint of blackened seasoning on it , yummy, it gives it the best flavor .  You will find a lot of fresh fish choices here in St. Augustine .

The next best place to get your grill on, is Stewart’s Market on Anastasia Blvd. Luther is a native of Saint Augustine and the owner. His home made  datil  sausage is very good, perfect for Perlau. My friend Rex  turned me on to this Awesome  place to get steaks , the best New York strips starting from$ 5.99 a pound and up. You can’t beat those prices and get such quality steaks anywhere else! I can get two potatoes and two  New York strips for under $15.00 dollars easy.  The beef steak tomato’s are the best and the cherry clams or great when in season. Plus if I don’t have time to run to the fish Market and I want a little surf and turf its a one stop shop, they have a selection of fish and poultry that can’t beat. Stewart’s Market also sells our local shrimp. The shrimp around here are fantastic. I Support our local shrimpers, they work hard to bring in the supply to our city and Stewart’s Market . All the locals shop at Stewart’s market BUT bring your cash and leave your debit at home because “that’s how they roll “


whether you are visiting charming St. Augustine or have set your roots down here you must go to the local outdoor markets.  The Wednesday market takes place at the pier out on the beach.  The Saturday market takes place at the amphitheater. Our Sunday market takes place in Lincolnville just on the outside of historic downtown.  You can find so many great deals on veggies, coffee, plants, local honey, local arts and crafts and so much more. if the fish lady happens to be there pick up the tuna, its delicious on or off the grill. these markets will give you a sense of our community and the experience is priceless.  Happy Grilling!

Contributed by, Joan Salisbury

 Stewart’s  Market  311 Anastasia Boulevard St. Augustine Florida   904- 824- 5637

Seafood Shoppe  2125 A1 A South St. Augustine, Florida  904-471- 0410

Ned’s Southside Kitchen- Better than Moms?

As a local, my clients often ask me for advice on the best restaurants In Saint Augustine.

When a new client has moved here from somewhere else or is visiting, the first thing I ask them is what restaurants have you tried? I love to hear their feedback on places. I always ask have you tried Ned’s Southside Kitchen? If they have not, then I begin by telling them it’s the best food at very reasonable prices. They will be amazed at the large variety on the menu. Ned’s has everything, wonderful salads, hummus platter,  fried shrimp and shrimp and grits (my favorite.)  For the meat lovers they serve prime rib specials, it’s out of this world and the next day they have prime rib sandwiches. I myself like their patty melt. Ned picked out the best rye bread to make his patty melt, he stands out from the rests. Ned is known for the size of his portions. They even serve turkey with stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes. I have friends that are vegetarians and we can all go out to Ned’s and order something from the menu and be satisfied when we leave. Oh, I almost forgot, save room for desserts. They serve Crème Brulee, Carrot cake, Raspberry Chambord, Ambrosia cheesecake and Humming bird cake. The Boston cream cake is delicious.

Contributed by Joan Salisbury

“Know What The Locals Know”

2450 US Highway 1 S, St Augustine, FL 32086

Phone:(904) 794-2088









You Won’t Lose Your MoJo Eating this BBQ in St Augustine

I grew up in South Florida where grilling and BBQ goes hand in hand. In the summer we would spend time in Arkansas and in Memphis. My grandparents lived there, therefore, I grew up on BBQ. So when I heard a new BBQ place moved into town I had to check it out. My husband Wayne and I went to MoJo Old City BBQ  on our day off and BOY were  we  pleasantly surprised! We ordered the BBQ rib tips for an appetizer.  I had the fried catfish and Wayne had the pulled pork Quesada for dinner. They were both delicious!



 I heard from a friend that the onion rings were very good there. The way she described them made me want to go out immediately and try the onion rings. I waited until Monday my next day off and went to lunch with my sister in-law. I went there for the onion rings UNTIL my sister in law said, “have you had the BBQ Chicken Nacho’s yet?” That is what we ordered Nachos and rings. Once again, we were not disappointed. Everything was so flavorful. I can see why my friend raved about the onion rings, they were the best I’ve had so far. There is so much chicken on the nachos it was hard to believe it was an appetizer portion. I thought to myself, I could bring an order of the nacho to the salon and feed all four girls for sure.


 The restaurant is quite large, they have indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor patios are “Dog Friendly” too. It has a rustic atmosphere, and the service is very good. This is a family friendly restaurant. It is a real pit BBQ so the ribs and chicken are delicious and everything is fresh. The sweet tea is brewed perfect and so refreshing. The Catfish I ordered was a fresh catch. You can definitely  taste the difference. I will be back with friends! In addition, the way this town is buzzing about the new BBQ place downtown  there was no doubt it would be a local’s favorite in no time!

 Contributed by Joan Salisbury by Joan Salisbury

“Know What The Locals Know”

  5 Cordova  Street, Saint Augustine.

Pet Friendly Restaurant






LuLi’s- A Sweet Treat for Any Occasion

The very first time I had a LULI’S Cupcake  some precious client had brought in a half a dozen to the Salon while I was working . We had seven workers so someone wasn’t getting a cup cake and more than likely it was going to be me, since I was the new girl . BUT it was my lucky day, one of the girls had gone on a low carb diet the week before, so I did get to have my first Luli’s cup cake.   IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST BITE . The very size of the cup cake as I pulled it out of the Pepto pink box was impressive not to mention my first bite was right into the icing that knocked my sox off! I then bit into the cake and as I was chewing tiny morsels of chocolate were swirling in my mouth and I thought, they sure didn’t skimp one bit in making this product . My mouth was having a party

I couldn’t wait to take my son there… Ahh, the benefit of having children, you can bring them to the  cupcake store… YAY! I went back that weekend to buy the one I had earlier that week. I ordered the chocolate chip cupcake, they said they did not make a chocolate chip… I said I had one earlier this week  from here and they told me they made a chocolate banana one. They asked if  would I would like to try it . I didn’t think I tasted banana when I bit into the first one but when my lips touched the funky monkey, and I knew! The moment I tasted the chocolaty, flavorful , fluffy icing that, THAT WAS THE ONE! It was so hard to decide what flavors to choose they all look so good, so I picked up my first half dozen and brought it  home to share with my family. On my 45th birthday, I had three of my clients that share my Birthday meet me there and we started our LuLi’s birthday tradition!  We’ve been meeting there for the last three years YUMMY!!!!

Contributed by Joan Salisbury

“Know What the Locals Know”